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Facility Toolkit: Add Part Orders

Facility dashboard users can submit orders directly to their facility from the Part Orders module. When you click the Add Part...

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Topics: Facility Toolkit, Add Part Orders,

Production Scheduling: Navigation

A quick overview for navigating the Production Scheduling tool.

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Topics: Production Scheduling, Facility Toolkit, Navigation

Facility Toolkit: Facilities

On the Facility dashboard, the Facilities tab located on the upper left corner of the dashboard provides quick access to view...

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Work Order Received: Review Work Order Request

Once an order has been submitted from the Engineering dashboard, it becomes available for review by the assigned Facility....

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Topics: Facility Toolkit, Review Work Order Request, Work Order Received

Facility Toolkit: Production Yield Management

When updating the machine/order status in Production Scheduling from In Progress stage to Completed or Failed, Link3D’s system...

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Topics: Facility Toolkit, Production Yield Management,

Facility Toolkit: Analytics

Link3D’s Analytics feature provides daily/weekly/monthly overviews of a facility’s orders and production statuses, machine...

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Production Scheduling: Job Status

Once a scheduled order is ready to begin production, you can update the Job Status from Queued to In Progress by clicking on...

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Facility Toolkit: Generate Build Reports

Once an order’s status is updated to In Production, the create Build Report feature becomes available. The Build Report...

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Production Scheduling: Adding Work Orders

Instead of using the Production Planning feature, you can quickly add jobs by using the Production Scheduling tool. Please...

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Topics: Production Scheduling, Adding Work Orders,

Production Planning: Nesting & Scheduling

Upon clicking the Generate Nesting View button in the Detail & Orientation section, the rendered image(s) of the model will...

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Topics: Production Planning, Nesting & Scheduling,

Production Planning: Details & Orientation

After you’ve chosen your files in Production Planning, you will then move to Step 2: Nesting & Orientation.This is where you...

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Topics: Production Planning, Nesting & Orientation,

Production Planning: Choose Files

The Production Planning module offers two views to select order files. You can choose from the general List View or Group View...

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How to Navigate the Facility Dashboard?

You've received a new RFQ submission, need to finalize order requirements, cost or quote a part, plan for production, schedule...

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How to Configure Customer Feedback Survey?

Link3D allows Super Admins to configure the Customer Feedback Survey to track and trace order metrics.

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How to Configure Part Order RFQ Submission & Instructions?

Link3D allows Super Admins to configure their Part Order RFQ options and Part Order Instructions.

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